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Introduction to this policy

  • This is the Bristol Improv Theatre's safe space policy.
  • A copy of this policy is available from the theatre offices, or by emailing the Bristol Improv Theatre Board of Directors at the following address:
  • If your vision is impaired and arrangements can be made, in special circumstances, for an audio version to be made available.
  • This policy is maintained by the BIT Board of Directors, who can be contacted via the above email address. The Board of Directors undertake to review and update this policy both at regular intervals and following any upheld complaints where it is deemed necessary to do so.

Safe space commitment

  1. The Bristol Improv Theatre is committed to creating a space where everyone can experience improv free from harassment, intolerance, violence or intimidation.
  2. We aim to safeguard this by expecting a standard of behaviour from anyone entering the space. In instances when this standard is not being met, we seek to resolve issues through non-violent communication and clear, active policy.
  3. This policy covers all BIT spaces. A BIT space is defined as any space, physical or virtual, that is organised and managed by the BIT on a permanent, fixed-term or temporary basis and includes:
    • All buildings and venues, both leased or rented.
    • Any third party spaces where BIT Associates are working (e.g. touring shows, external classes).
    • Any online or virtual spaces or communication channels managed or part-managed by the BIT.

Behaviour in BIT spaces

We expect everyone using our spaces to:

  1. Respect others and their boundaries
  2. Be aware that their words and actions may have unintended effects on others
  3. Be open to the fact that everyone may wish to be treated differently depending on their individual experiences

Raising a concern

  1. If you have experienced or witnessed behaviours that contradict the above you can raise a safe space complaint, with the BIT Board of Directors.
  2. All complaints will be treated as strictly confidential, in continued consideration of your needs and expectations.

Emergency safe space concerns

  1. If you have witnessed, or are are witnessing ongoing abuse or activities which you believe are a clear and present danger to persons at the BIT, you should immediately contact the first available staff member and/or speak to the Event Manager on duty (where applicable).
  2. Where there is an immediate and critical threat to threat to safety or welfare, all BIT staff and associates are instructed to immediately dial 999 to contact the police.
Last Updated On September 11, 2018
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