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Introduction to this policy

  1. This is the Bristol Improv Theatre's Privacy & Data Protection policy.
  2. A copy of this policy is available from the theatre offices, or by emailing the Bristol Improv Theatre Board of Directors at the following address:
  3. If your vision is impaired and arrangements can be made, in special circumstances, for an audio version to be made available.
  4. This policy is maintained by the BIT Board of Directors, who can be contacted via the above email address. The Board of Directors undertake to review and update this policy both at regular intervals and following any upheld complaints where it is deemed necessary to do so.

Data Protection & Privacy Commitment

  1. The Bristol Improv Theatre recognises that we live in a society where data, its use, and its transfer is of huge and increasing importance.
  2. The Bristol Improv Theatre believes that all persons should have the right to control the distribution and use of their own personal data, and is committed to upholding this right through its actions as a business.
  3. The Bristol Improv Theatre is committed to taking the minimum amount of personal data necessary to provide goods and services, and to retaining said personal data for the minimum length of time necessary to accomplish the purpose for which it was obtained.
  4. This policy will influence and affect every aspect of activities carried out at the Bristol Improv Theatre, including but not limited to promotional work, outreach work, productions, complaints handling and other functions linked to the Bristol Improv Theatre, as determined by the directors.
  5. The BIT are committed to protecting your privacy. We have provided this privacy policy to lay out the information concerning your personal data and how we use it.

What kinds of data are collected, and how are they used?

  1. Email addresses and names are collected by the Bristol Improv Theatre as part of its online box office system. These data are used to verify online purchases via email confirmation, e-tickets, and in person on the door of events. The BIT may also ask you to provide your name and email address for the purposes of coordinating and communicating details regarding BIT events that you are attending. The BIT will not pass or sell this information to any third parties.
  2. Email addresses and names are collected by the Bristol Improv Theatre at the venue through feedback cards and email list signup forms. This data is used for online marketing (to understand our audiences better) and communications (the periodical BIT newsletter).
  3. Additional information provided on feedback cards (such as comments and feedback) is anonymously used to improve the BIT's programme and services.
  4. No card, bank or other financial details are taken by the BIT for online ticket sales via our website. All financial data, relating to sales of tickets, classes, memberships and other products via our websites are processed by PayPal and governed by their policies. You may therefore wish to also read the PayPal privacy policy.
  5. Credit/debit card details are collected by the Bristol Improv Theatre in the course of financial transactions via our physical box office and bar systems. These data are transferred securely to iZettle and not stored by the BIT. iZettle handle card transactions for the Bristol Improv Theatre. Records are kept, via iZettle systems, for the purposes of issuing refunds and problem resolution. You may therefore wish to read the iZettle privacy policy.
  6. Any other personal identifying data, or private information submitted to us through any communication means, either upon request or voluntarily. e.g. email address, IP identifying data, content or attachments to email communication.

Data Control

  1. The data controller is: The Bristol Improv Theatre Ltd. 50 St. Paul's Road, Bristol BS8 1LP.
  2. If you would like to know what data the Bristol Improv Theatre has of yours, or if you would like the Bristol Improv Theatre to delete its records of any of your personal data, you may write to the above address or contact us via email at or call us on 07936 617158 and we will be happy to help you. Please be aware that removal of your data may result in you being unable to access BIT services and products (such as events, classes or mailing lists).
  3. Our standard response time for data enquiry is 72 hours.
  4. The BIT's policy is for maximum transparency when it comes to your personal data and its security. We therefore take every precaution to safeguard your personal data and while we are confident that the risks to you are minimal, we promise to fully declare any data breach that may affect personal data that we hold.
Last Updated On September 16, 2018
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