Mission, Vision and Values

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Our Mission

The BIT's mission is to be an institution of spontaneous, collaborative, and creative theatre, a resource for ambitious artists and audiences, and a home for all those whom improvised work touches.

Our Vision

It is our vision that the BIT will be a central hub for improvised theatre and those interested in it. It will act as a support base and information resource for improvisers, students, shows, and groups.

The BIT will produce and curate a varied programme of spontaneous, collaborative, and creative theatre shows that are high quality and artistically challenging. This will go hand-in-hand with our educational programme which will be comprehensive and supportive for students at any level of experience.

Through this we will support the growth of an active and well-connected community that is empowered, collectively and as individuals, to create new work and develop new forms of improvisation.

As the BIT grows the diversity of Bristol will be reflected in our community, audiences, and creative output.

Through our vibrant community and programmes of performance and education, the BIT will be renowned as a centre of excellence worldwide in the improv community, across the UK in the theatre community, and across all of Bristol.

All of this will be achieved in an environmentally sustainable way.

Our Values

  • Community Focused means we care about the people who make this happen with their contributions.

This organisation exists because of the community that has formed around it. As we grow, we will be putting the community's needs at the centre of every decision we make.

  • Professional means what we do, we're going to do well.

We take pride in what we do because we believe this work is important – anything worth doing is worth doing well.

  • Collaborative means we strive to form partnerships across our local, national and global communities.

Improvising collaboratively creates ideas that are bigger and better than those thought up alone. We look to be surprised and changed by our work with others both on and off stage.

  • Socially Aware means we want as many people to access us as possible, because we know we'll learn from every different person we meet.

The society we live in does not allow everyone to have equal access to resources. We seek to redress the balance by actively promoting diversity and accessibility. Everyone we interact with will be treated with compassion.

  • Exploratory means we will never say we have finished learning how to run an improv theatre.

We approach everything we do with a love for learning, a penchant for risk-taking and an understanding that happy-failing is an integral part of any process.

  • Creative means we make things for the joy of making things.

Our theatre will be a workshop of ideas, energy and talent, where things get made and seen. Our theatre will support endeavours to create without imposing intervention or judgement.

Last Updated On September 11, 2018
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