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  • Artistic Director: Caitlin Campbell
  • Commercial Director: Mike Cook


  • Programmes Manager: Caitlin Campbell
  • Financial Manager: Stephen Clements
  • Marketing Manager: Luke Mallison
  • Operations Manager: Mike Cook
  • Theatre School Manager: Caitlin Campbell
  • Productions & Companies Manager: Caitlin Campbell
  • HR Manager: Steve Clements
  • ICT Manager: Mike Cook
  • Venue Hire Manager: Imogen Palmer
  • Community Manager: Mike Cook
  • Assistant Bar Manager: Lee Abecasis
  • Building/Facilities Manager: Mike Cook
  • Technical Manager: Alex Hoyle
  • Box Office/Theatre School Administrator: Xenia Randle
  • Event Managers: Lee Abecasis / Alex Hoyle / Imogen Palmer / Mike Cook
  • Theatre Technicians: Luke Cox / Lee Abecasis / Alex Hoyle
  • Bar Workers: George Bemrose / Xenia Randle / Marco Parrott / Lee Abecasis
  • Graphic Designer: Jenna Thompson

Volunteer Front of House Team

  • Front of House Volunteer Co-ordinators: Rob Kershaw, Billie Appleton (Deputy)
  • Front of House Volunteers: Mark Davis, Helen Herman, Llaura Hughes, Robin Tucker, Rob Kershaw, Daryl Hembrough, Stephen Watters, Josephine Lay, Susan Howe, Bradley Greening, Gilly Pennack, Matthew Rich, Xenia Randle, Billie Appleton, Rachel Goodall, Lucy, Margaret Black, Louis Lalleau, Jordan Parsons, Jáchur Baker, Maria Windsor

Volunteer Press Corp

  • Press Corp Volunteer Co-ordinator: Andy Yeoh
  • Photography Division: John Thompson, Maxine Rose Whiting, Emma Cordeaux, Lee Pullen, Sebastian Peters, James Pepper, Tom Keegan
  • Videography Division: John Thompson, Alice O'Brien, Tom Keegan
  • Promotional Division: James Pepper

Volunteer Building Crew

  • Building Crew Volunteer Co-ordinator: Andy Yeoh
  • Volunteers: Susan Howe, Laurence Tuck, Simon Lawson, Robin Tucker, Billie Appleton, Joseph Ross

Unscripted Players Committee

  • UP Company Director: Llaura Hughes
  • UP Company Secretary: Ivy Thomas
  • UP Social Secretary: Aidan Pope
  • UP Production Manager: Andy Yeoh (Acting)

Board of Trustees

  • Andrew Yeoh (Chair)
  • Caitlin Campbell
  • Stephen Clements

Board of Advisors

  • Tim Newman
  • Maeve Scally


Last Updated On July 26, 2019
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