Terms & Conditions of Venue Entry

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These terms and conditions relate to entry to the BIT's venues and spaces. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to affect your statutory rights. These terms form part of the Bristol Improv Theatre's general Terms and Conditions. For more information contact hello@improvtheatre.co.uk.

Safety & Enjoyment

  1. The BIT (or the relevant Third Party) reserves the right to refuse admission and may request any Ticket holders to leave (taking any such appropriate action which may be necessary to enforce this right) before or during performances if it considers it to be necessary or desirable to do so. The BIT (or the relevant Third Party) may also, on certain occasions, have to conduct security searches to ensure the safety of its patrons.
  2. Latecomers will be asked to wait until a suitable break in the performance before being admitted to the auditorium or other venue. The BIT reserves the right to deny entry to any latecomers, if it deems that such late entry to the auditorium would be a disruption to the performance or other event.
  3. Mobile phones and other electronic equipment must be switched off (not silenced) before entering the auditorium.
  4. To be admitted you must be in possession of a valid Ticket.
  5. Unless a performance is expressly stated to permit entry to children under the age of four, children under the age of four are not permitted to enter the auditoriums but are welcome in the foyers. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  6. Please note that strobe lighting, smoke effects, stage pyrotechnics and loud sound effects are sometimes used in productions.
  7. The BIT and any authorised third parties may carry out general filming and sound recording in or about the venue. By purchasing Tickets, you consent to you and your party being included in and to the commercial exploitation of such films and recordings without payment.
  8. With the exception of those shows denoted in programmes and listings as "family", due to the nature of improvised theatre, the BIT cannot guarantee the age suitability of any of its shows. Parents and guardians are therefore required to exercise their own judgement as to whether a particular show is suitable for their child.

Safespace Policy

  1. By entering our venues or spaces, you agree that you have read and understood and are prepared to comply with the BIT's Safespace Policy.
Last Updated On November 10, 2018
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