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Introduction to this policy

  • This policy summarises the procedures to be followed to process complaints about any aspect of the Bristol Improv Theatre.
  • A copy of this policy is available from the theatre offices, or by emailing the Bristol Improv Theatre Board of Directors at the following address:
  • If your vision is impaired and arrangements can be made, in special circumstances, for an audio version to be made available.
  • This policy is maintained by the BIT Board of Directors, who can be contacted via the above email address. The Board of Directors undertake to review and update this policy both at regular intervals and following any upheld complaints where it is deemed necessary to do so.

Receiving Complaints

  1. Complaints may originate from guests of the theatre, audience members, external-hire clients, students or other members of the public. Complaints may received either directly or through feedback cards submitted at the theatre's main venue. Complaints may also originate from the theatre's own staff.
  2. Complaints may be received both verbally and in writing. The following is a general guide for where you may submit a complaint:
    • All written safe space complaints may be submitted to The above email address is monitored exclusively by the BIT Directors and you can use it to submit a complaint, concern or request a confidential meeting with one or more of the Directors. If you would like to speak to a specific Director directly in the first instance, you should contact the Director in question using their email. This email can be found on the staff page.
    • All other written complaints may be submitted to
    • BIT staff member are also able to make complaints via their designated line manager.
    • Members of the BIT's Friends & Volunteers programme are also able to make complaints via the BIT Community Manager.
    • Associate artists and instructors are also able to make complaints via the BIT Artistic Director.
    • Commercial partners, creditors, suppliers or other business customer are also able to make complaints via the BIT Commercial Director.
  3. Each instance of complaint must be reported to a team manager, an executive Director or the Board of Directors for management.
  4. All Safe Space Complaints must be reported directly to at least one member of the Board of Directors.

Registering Complaints

  1. Upon receipt of a complaint, a Complaints Record Form shall be completed by the receiving manager or Director and a copy of this completed form will be forwarded to the Directors.
  2. Where complaints are about or concern a Board of Directors member, the complaint shall be handled by any Directors not involved in the original complaint to avoid conflict of interest.

Complaint Investigation

  1. Upon receipt of the complaint every effort will be made to investigate the complaint by means of the following process.
  2. Where necessary/appropriate, a written or verbal statement will be taken from the complainant in order to establish (where applicable):
    • The nature of the complaint.
    • Against whom or what the complaint is directed.
    • The substance of the complaint.
    • Any times/dates pertinent to the complaint or to establish a timeline of the events leading to the complaint.
    • Details of any witnesses to the matter of complaint.
    • Details of any co-complainers.
  3. Where it is necessary/appropriate, further statements and facts (testimony) may be sought in support of the substance of the complaint from additional relevant parties and data sources.
  4. Where the facts of the matter have been established by the investigating manager, the subject of the complaint shall be compared to any existing relevant written policies and agreements that the BIT has in place, including but not limited to the safe space policy, standards of behaviour and instructor core competencies.

Complaint Action & Resolution

  1. The BIT will make every attempt to resolve any complaint that it receives, in good faith, in a fashion satisfactory to all parties.
  2. Where no satisfactory solution can be found, the Directors shall make a final determination of any action to be taken in response to the complaint, in reference to all relevant policies.
  3. The BIT undertakes to communicate regularly and fully with all parties throughout this management process.
  4. The BIT aims to resolve all complaint it receives and provide a full response to the complainant within 28 days.
Last Updated On September 11, 2018
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