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The BIT is proud to be a non-profit organisation supporting social progress and community empowerment. The organisation we are trying to run is inspired through the very best aspects of our improv practice. The BIT's Volunteer Community Associates help us reach those goals, by volunteering their time to building the kind of organisation they would like to work for, developing and improving the Bristol Improv Theatre as an artist-led social enterprise.

Current Volunteers

Volunteer Co-ordinators Committee:
  • Andrew Yeoh (Chair)
  • Rob Kershaw
Volunteer Photographers:
Community Summit Committee:

Section coming soon.

Join the Volunteer Community Associates

We are looking for interested, passionate and positive people to help us build and run the BIT as a new kind organisation. As well as making great work, The BIT hopes to become a new type of professional arts organisation, run by artists and accessible to all. With an asset lock in our founding documents, the work we are doing is intended to benefit the community. We value wage equality, safety and consent in our spaces, balance, satisfaction and happiness in working life, environmental sustainability, connection to our community and transparency in commercial practices. If you're the same, whether you're a big-dream visionary or a detail-orientated powerhouse, come join our mission to turn the BIT into a community owned, democratic organisation that can be a model for businesses everywhere.

Active Volunteer Community Associates are asked volunteer a small amount of regular time in the BIT offices or at committee meetings throughout the working week.

If you are interested in being a Volunteer Community Associate, or fancy joining any of our other volunteering teams please visit our theatre volunteering page, and sign up for our Friends and Volunteer programme.

Last Updated On December 10, 2018
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