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About the Volunteer Crew

The BIT's Volunteer Building Crew are a dedicated team who help the theatre improv its building, develop its facilities and lend a hand making props, sets and all sorts of clever things. It's the place for people who love to make a mess!

Current Volunteers

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Join the Volunteer Crew

We are looking for volunteers with practical skills – DIY, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, decoration, textiles, lighting or, design – who are looking to do something a bit different. The Bristol Improv Theatre's home is a huge four-story ex-community club the heart of Clifton and we have an exciting (and fully funded!) two-year development plan in the works to turn Bristol's latest community space into the beautiful and whimsical arts venue it deserves to be. Plus there are shows and events that need that special something. So whether you fancy hanging a stage door, or a stage light, grab a hammer and help turn plans into reality – or, at the very least, something that looks like reality from 30 feet away.

Active Building Crew volunteers are assembled for regular project days, depending on availability. The BIT provides full PPE and volunteer insurance for all work.

If you are interested in being a Volunteer Builder, or fancy joining any of our other volunteering teams please visit our theatre volunteering page, and sign up for our Friends and Volunteer programme.

Last Updated On October 09, 2018
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