5 reasons to come to the Bristol Improv Theatre if you’re on a budget

In this blog, our executive director Luke Mallison takes you through some of the reasons to head down to The Bristol Improv Theatre this summer, especially if you’re feeling the pinch!

  1. Improv provides a fun, affordable alternative to traditional theatre

For many, “a night at the theatre” conjures mental images of a three-course dinner, orchestra pits and expensively priced bottles of imported European lager. 

We at the Bristol Improv Theatre pride ourselves in providing a top-notch evening of entertainment where you will have a whale of time for 4 Tesco meal deals. 

Improvised Theatre is exactly what it says in the name, theatre that it’s made up on the spot. As a performance medium, it’s relatively new but has been gaining a wider audience base due to its ability to bring audiences into a hilarious experience provided by witty performers. It’s a great way of still enjoying a night out in a black box theatre without the need to dip into your savings! 

  1. Our biggest shows are only £12

Love musicals but can’t justify a trip to the hippodrome? Come see This is Your Musical, an absolutely outstanding, immersive night where our cast and musicians take a story from the audience and weave it into a brand new, one night-only Broadway smash. 

Can’t afford a trip to the comedy club but sick of watching reruns of Live At The Apollo? Come see The Antics Joke Show, a night of stand-up, sketch and improvised comedy which is “intimate, fun and friendly”. 

And one of the amazing things about improv is its versatility, as shown by our improvised live D&D inspired show Tales of Adventure, a night of friendly improv competition at The Bish Bosh Bash, or visiting genre acts like The Show That Must Not Be Named and St Doctors Hospital

  1. Celebrate Bristol’s improv community with Free Events

We also love putting on free events to celebrate the amazing improv scene we have here in Bristol. As part of The Bristol Fringe Festival, We are putting on the All Star Armando Night,  where some of the best improvisers come together to improvised scenes inspired by guest speakers. Followed the week after by Up The Antics’ Summer party, where five local groups will be showing us what they’re made of. 

  1.  Drinks in the bar and art displays while you wait for the show to start!

Not only do we support amazing performance artists, our bar is stocked with local suppliers and we have recently launched an art exhibition featuring our favourite local artists. 

  1. Get stuck into the improv itself

Ever wanted to give it a go yourself? We provide a gentle, encouraging environment to discover the fundamentals of improv through our Improv Taster Sessions, Discovering Improv Courses and our amateur theatre group The Unscripted Players. 

So come along to the Bristol Improv Theatre for a great value experience that doesn’t compromise on entertainment!

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