5 minutes with Waqar Munir from Up The Antics

Up The Antics are one of Bristol's top comedy groups, running a monthly sell-out night "The Antics Joke Show" and regularly performing Improv and Sketch comedy in Bristol and further afield. On Friday, the troupe will be supporting visiting act The Committee. We spoke to Waqar Munir about the show and the antics.


1. Tell us a bit about the group, when and how did you form?

We founded the comedy society at university in Bath. After graduating, we moved to Bristol and went through a couple of iterations before landing on Up The Antics and haven't looked back since!

2, What kind of improv do you perform, and how did you get into it?

We started off mimicking "Whose line is it anyway", with short form games as that was the only improv we really knew. We then eventually got into longer types of improv, mainly UCB style after a couple of members got hooked through Kitchen Rules Theatre. Most recently we've been doing monoscene and slacker which are really fun as it allows to stretch various improv muscles.

3. How do you think your style compares with the headliners, The Committee?

The Committee are so committed in their acting, really picking a character and going full pelt with accents, mannerisms, posture and everything. It's really clear to see all of their training and experience. As we're a bunch of mates, sometimes we end up playing characters closer to ourselves and just doing things we find funny. Which seems to work!

4. Who are your improv, music and comedy idols?

For Improv The Committee are really high on my list, I've always found the way they act on stage to be effortless in their scenes. For music I saw Showstoppers who were incredible, I'm not a musical person but they're just on another level. For general comedy I really love The Play That Goes Wrong, I saw it years ago and STILL can't get it out of my head!

5, What are you excited about doing on the night of the event?

I'm really looking forward to performing on the BIT stage again. We perform a lot in rooms either below or above pubs so getting to perform in a dedicated theatre space is really exciting.

Photo Credits Peter Critchley


Up The Antics will be supporting The Committee on Friday 31st May at 8pm. Doors and bar open from 7.15pm. Tickets are £7 and can be bought HERE.

You can also seem them at The Antics Joke Show Saturday 25th May, a night of stand-up, sketch and improv comedy in the bar!