5 minutes with The RH Experience

BIT Favourites The RH Experience are back in Bristol, Friday 10th Aug, with their show 'Scrapbook', a show that explores 3 characters through flashbacks and memories. We chatted to the guys to find out more about them and their comedic idols…


Tell us a bit more about your company, when and how did you form?

We're all mates from college & love hanging out, we see way too much of each other. We used to make absurd sketches on a video camera & one day we thought it would be fun to do a live show for friends & family. It progressed really quickly from there.

Who are your improv, music and comedy idols?

We're absolutely huge fans of The Pajama men, who are an absolutely incredible, weird, wonderful, goofy, outlandish, intricate & hysterically funny improv & sketch duo. Please go & see them if you haven't before!

We're all huge fans of The League of Gentlemen. We all experienced their TV series at a very young age (I watch it back now & am shocked that we were allowed to watch it as 9 year olds!)

Our music influences span the many centuries that divide Medieval music & the Mr Blobby Christmas number one of 1993. If you ever hear any of these two things coming from a car stereo, take a look & see if it's us. We'll probably be on our way to a gig.

What's your favourite type of improv to perform?

We absolutely love to play loose, long form shoes with short form elements thrown in. We started out with short form & have never entirely lost that feel. At the same time, we love developing more fleshed out stories & characters.

What are you looking forward to doing on the night?

We're really excited to do as much as possible, we really like to keep things fast-paced. It's very exciting to do a show that's never happened before and will never happen again. Most of all, we want to give folks a really fun show!


The RH experience is on Friday 10th August, 8pm. Doors 7.15pm. Tickets are £7 and can be bought HERE.