5 minutes with the RH Experience

We are so excited to be welcoming back The RH Experience to tread the boards at the BIT on Friday 8th February, just a week after they celebrate 10 years since they started working together. We caught up with Tom Webster (middle) about their plans for their 10 year anniversary, and their show in Bristol.


The 1st February marks 10 years of wonderful existence for the RH Experience! What are your favourite memories from that time?

Wow 10 years since we first got together and did YouTube stuff, time flies! I have lots of happy memories, we've managed to play some pretty cool venues, done all the festivals, made some great videos. Mostly I just love the laughter! It's nice to entertain people & give people an experience they can remember. I was getting some food the other day & the lady at the counter gave it to me for free, saying that our YouTube videos helped her learn english!! It's stuff like that which will certainly stick in the memory!

What celebrations do you have planned for your 10 year anniversary?

Oh we don't do any celebrations, that's not our thing. We do have a big 10 year show planned though, with all our comedy friends, DJing, special RH themed cocktails, several sets from us, raucous entertainment into the wee hours, that sort of thing. But no, we're being very cool about our 10 years. Ooh, did I mention- we're doing a bucketload of YouTube videos to commemorate our 10th… wow, 10 years eh!?

You have performed at The BIT before, how does it compare to performing at other venues?

The BIT is one of our favourite places to play, we always have such a good time. It's a really special place to come & it's fantastic to see the community in Bristol thriving!

What are you looking forward to about your show at The BIT on the 8th February?

There's so many things to look forward to, seeing everyone, hopefully making people laugh (there's nothing better than laughing!) & just having a great time. Honourable mention to the stage, it's one of the most freeing to perform on!

Tom Webster


The RH Experience with support from After Dusk – Improvised Episodes from The Twilight Zone will be performing on Friday 8th February, 8pm. Doors and bar open from 7.15pm. Tickets are £7 and can be bought HERE.