5 minutes with Kino Luna Theatre | Breaking Bread | November

In this special bonus blog post, we spoke to Caitlin Campbell from Kino Luna Theatre about their new show “Breaking Bread”; an immersive show that gets the audience involved through a hilarious dinner date.

Collectively you’re known as Kino Luna Theatre – how did you come up with the name?

It’s the name of the first venue we performed in together. Two years ago, Tom was directing an improvised Sherlock show, and was offered a surreal and brilliant gig performing at a Polish school theatre festival. He cast me and Archie in the show and we flew out to Warsaw to perform narrative improv to 600 bemused Polish school kids every day for a week. The venue was a working cinema, called the Kino Luna (Moon Cinema). After that week of fun (and the 13 hour friendship-consolidating delays at Luton airport), we started working on this new show together. 

Breaking Bread is coming to the BIT on Friday – tell us about the show.

Friday is going to be a work in progress performance of this show we’ve been working on for about a year now. In brief, we get two members of the audience onstage to have dinner with them – we use their contributions and presence to build a dinner party play. In the second half we jump an unspecified number of years/weeks/months into the future and see how our three characters are faring. The events of that dinner party will have affected all of their lives. It’s a show about storytelling and the nature of lifelong friendships. 

What are you most excited about?

Getting the audience on stage to play with us. We’ve only tried the show in front of an audience once before, in January and since then we’ve been over every single detail we remember a million times. It’s genuinely so exciting to go into a show having no idea who you’re going to be performing with, and what they might throw at you. 

Also, the food. Archie is cooking this time, and he is a much better chef than me. 

In Breaking Bread you get two members of the audience on stage and eat a real meal with them – where did that idea come from?

We talked a lot in the early stages of devising about how improv interacts and takes inspiration from its audience. One of the main reasons people go to improv shows is because the show is literally made for them – built from their suggestions, never seen before, never to be seen again. 

Unfortunately, asking for a shouted suggestion doesn’t necessarily get the most inspiring responses from audiences – when put on the spot, people tend to shout out food, animals, or the eternally funny ‘dildo’. 

We wanted to find a way to bring the audience into the story and performance in a way that would draw great things out of them, and require us to be truly spontaneous in how we respond to them. So bringing them on stage and trying to shape the show around their contributions felt like a great challenge. 

Breaking Bread is on Friday 8th November at 8pm. Tickets are £8 and can be purchase here.