Tales Of Adventure | 5 minutes with Bagsi Badly

This week our blogger Alison, headed to the local tavern and with a pint of mead in hand, caught up with one of the stars of Tales Of Adventure, Bagsi Badly to find out more about her and her past.



So Bagsi, tell me more about yourself?

I am a half orc Paladin and I have a bit of a tragic backstory… I was raised solely by my mother and I secretly fear that my father was a member of the many orc raiding parties that often descended on the village. Being a half orc means that I am an outcast in my village and a constant reminder of the pain and suffering the townsfolk had faced. As a result I seek love and affection, and have an extremely high sex drive. So it was no surprise really when I soon married and had a son of my own. However one day when I returned from a battle, I found my home in ruins and my family missing. My search for them led to my meeting with the rest of the party and I still harbour hopes that I'll find them one day, despite having been remarried and re-widowed and also adopting a new son, Not Jerk.

Oh so you searching for your family, that must be tough. Is there anything else you hope to find, fortune perhaps?

I care not for fame or fortune. I want to do right but I can be a little misguided at times and while I only set out to punish those who do wrong… I can be a little extreme in my dishing out of punishment.

What's your relationship like with the others?

Because I have no family I see the group as my family. Unlike most characters I come across I don't want to have sex with them.

And finally Bagsi, our readers are dying to know how you would describe your perfect Sunday!

I enjoy going down the local tavern and trying to pick up anyone who will sleep with me. I will also buy the first 5 rounds and try and befriend anyone.

I said my goodbyes and left the tavern slightly swaying from all the mead consumed(!) and headed out onto the cobbled street. As I did I passed Alice Taylor Matthews, who also happens to be part of Tales of Adventure, on her way in to meet Bagsi for a drink. I grabbed this moment to ask her some questions too!

So Alice how did you get to be involved with Tales?

I think I was recommended by a friend who works at the theatre. I think they thought I would be a good fit for the show because I'm a stand up comedian and a lot of my set covered similar ground.

How similar are you to Bagsi?

Bagsi tries to do the right thing and I like to think this is true of myself too. She is also motherly to the reluctant Not Jerk (the kidnapped goblin) and I've been pregnant for most of the series and now have a newborn (my husband vetoed Not Jerk as a name) so there are a lot of parallels between us. She is however extremely violent and I once swerved to avoid driving over a stick in the road because I didn't want to "hurt it".

What has been a highlight for you from one of the shows?

While we were fighting a bunch of much stronger, more powerful monsters I stopped to bite the head off not one but two birds and then proudly exclaimed how I'd helped.

What is your favorite thing about doing the shows?

The audience totally make it for me. Each show we ask the audience for suggestions for things such as place names, punishments, magical items and I love how the show is affected through these suggestions.

Describe your perfect Sunday!

Staying in pyjamas, eating as much food as possible and playing board games.


Catch 'Tales Of Adventure' on Friday 25th May 8pm at the Bristol Improv Theatre. For more information and to book your tickets CLICK HERE