Tales Of Adventure | 5 minutes with Geoffrey Banjo

This week our blogger Alison, headed to the highly renowned Bard School where she met with recent graduate and one of the stars of Tales Of Adventure, Geoffrey Banjo, to find out more about him and his past. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

So Geoffrey, tell our readers more about yourself…

Wait, you've not heard of Geoffrey Banjo?! I'm kind of a big deal… (at least in my own mind). I'm a half-elf, only child, raised by my human mother and grandmother ('Nan'). Which probably explains why I'm so good with the ladies. I've never met my Dad, but that elf is a massive douche anyway. So I'm totally not bothered. At all. Who needs a Dad anyway? I can play catch with myself…

Anyway, it wasn't long before my obvious talent for playing the banjo and spinning a yarn got me a place at bard school, where I've been studying (and totally nailing it, obviously) until very recently. Since then I've been making a living as a traveling conman.

So you've recently finished Bard School, what are you up to now?

Yes, as I recently graduated from Bard School, I'm hoping to find fame and fortune by writing the epic ballad of my own adventures. I mean… everyone embellishes in their autobiography, right? If there's any way that I Geoffrey can stick it to my arch-nemesis from Bard School, 'Milton Sitar', along the way, then even better. That guy's way too arrogant for his own good… With his stupid-cool hair…

Watch out Milton if you're reading! So how do you find the others in the group?

I see Bagsi as a bit of motherly/bodyguard figure, Trym as a quirky great-aunt, and the Reverend as a pretty wise dude. The fact that I've accidentally called him 'Dad' on a couple of occasions should not be read into… Basically, they're all badasses, so I've got to impress and prove my worth to the group. All in all, I'm growing really fond of this rag-tag bunch of adventurers… sure, they sometimes get into trouble, and are often misunderstood, but they mean well… Mostly.

And finally describe your perfect Sunday for our readers…

Performing a one-man show that is one part story-telling of my adventures and one part sweet, sweet banjo music in front of my adoring fans.

The bell goes at the Bard School and Geoffrey heads off to give an alumni speech to some of the students. I spot Ste Brown in the corner of the playground, bunking off his next lesson and he is happy to chat to me about his involvement with Tales Of Adventure and what he thinks about ex-student Geoffrey…

So Ste how did you get to be involved with Tales?

A couple of years ago I had just discovered D&D and got chatting with Andy Yeoh at the bar about how great we thought it was… then we had another beer or two and decided that it would be fun to try and make a D&D show! Andy knew Steve was an awesome GM, and before long we had the cast together and here we are!

How much of you goes into the character?

Haha now that I think about it, there's probably quite a bit of my teenage-self in there (hugely exaggerated… of course…), but I think the main influence behind Geoffrey was that I thought it would be really fun to make a character who was useless in a fight, but would try and talk his way out of anything instead. He's loosely inspired by Paul Bettany's character in A Knight's Tale.

What has been a highlight from one of the shows?

I really enjoy it when Geoffrey gets to make up ridiculous lies and, because of his high deception skill, people in game believe him. So far he's pretended to be a dungeon inspector, a castle-property lawyer, and a pirate who infiltrated the pirate ship and started a mutiny. Plus it's always fun to see Steve (The GM's) face when Geoffrey roles a natural 20 after the most ridiculous lie and he has to play along 🙂

What is your favorite thing about doing the shows?

I'm a big fan of the different ways the audience can get involved, from suggestions and the sound effects during the shows, to the art competition afterwards. The audience is a massive part of what makes the show successful in my opinion. I also like that it's a continuous story and we can see the characters develop in ways that we hadn't planned! We also have a tradition that we have pizza together as a cast before every show. So that helps.

Describe your perfect Sunday!

We're probably talking a BBQ, drinks, friends, music, chat, board games and who knows… maybe a cheeky bit of D&D?


Catch 'Tales Of Adventure' on Friday 25th May 8pm at the Bristol Improv Theatre. For more information and to book your tickets CLICK HERE