Local Heroes | Halfway Up | Cast Interview

Ahead of Friday's show Local Heroes, we caught up with Halfway Up, to find out more about their troupe!


Halfway Up are the improv division (alternative synonyms include wing, sector, department, or bureau) of Bristol-based comedy collective Up The Antics. Up The Antics have been together for over six years, with Halfway Up, a group project that began at the Kitchen Rules Theatre's Cagematch, being barely a year old.

Local Heroes will be the first time we as a group have performed at the BIT which we are all super excited about. Halfway Up is made up by a group of hard-working, talented (and blissfully attractive) people that always aim to put on a good show and make the audience chuckle!

Luke Mallison

Luke is a former president of Bath Spa University Comedy Society. He has performed with sci-fi improv group Spon Trek and has recently joined the Parent's Basement house team.

"I enjoy building a performance as a group, together, in the moment. As a group we are so supportive and love each other when we're on stage, to the point that any idea is a great idea, as we all get behind it".

Beth Kerridge

Beth has performed alongside Spon Trek and has been a cast member of This Is Your Musical and Pick Your Own Panto, both of which have been featured at the Bristol Improv Theatre.

"I love connecting with your fellow players when you are performing improv. When you are group, and you are all on the same page, then it is so enjoyable."

Ros Beeson

Ros has been a part of The Impressiontic Horror, an improvised drama held at The Room Above Theatre, as well as appearing in several stints of Spon Trek. She is also one-half of comedy short film company Wilbee Productions.

"What I love about improv is that it's made up on the spot so often you come out with the craziest un-edited show that has you laughing uncontrollably. As a team, we have a lot of fun as we're all really good friends and genuinely want to make each other laugh as much as the audience."

Scott Wilson

Scott has produced and directed many successful sketches and performed numerous improvised scenes at the Antics Jokeshow. He also has produced comedy audio podcast Pipped at the Podcast as well being the other half of Wilbee Productions.

"We've been friends and co-performers for so many years, we have developed a shorthand with each other. We know what would make each other corpse on stage and what tickles each other's fancies – all of which is invaluable on stage. We genuinely enjoy being together and I think that comes across."

Waqar Munir

Waqar has performed at numerous sketch and improv nights across Bristol, including the Antics Jokeshow, as well as being a part of Spon Trek on many occasions.

"Even if I have a plan in my head it'll go out the window within the first few lines, improv is about chasing whatever's fun in the scene and you can never tell 100% what might get thrown at you which is awesome."

Vicky Cansfield

Alongside multiple Antics Jokeshows, Vicky has been doing improvised comedy alongside Hoopla Comedy and C3? in London.

"I really enjoy how improv keeps me in the moment, you never know what someone else in the group could do or say next and comedy should always be alive and reactive. I enjoy crafting a scene together for the audience's entertainment, it's like you're all chipping in on a massive gift for each audience member to enjoy"

We are very much looking forward to be supporting Some Sing About Mary and to be performing at the Bristol Improv Theatre. It is sure is to be an awesometacular night!


Local Heroes is on Friday 18th May, 8pm. Doors 7.15pm. Tickets are £7 and can be bought HERE.