The Delight Collective | Friends Like These | Rehearsal Diary

The Delight Collective will be the supporting act at this Friday's Between Us show. The latest improvised format to come from Bristol-based theatre makers The Delight Collective, Friends Like These is a show all about life's greatest gifts: the friends we make along the way. Featuring Imogen Palmer (Closer Each Day, Impro Melbourne, Soothplayers- the improvised Shakespeare), Nicola Tann (Blanket Fort, the Maydays) and Caitlin Campbell (Degrees of Error, Sherlock, Programmes Director of the Bristol Improv Theatre).

Ahead of their show 'Friends Like These', we spoke to Imogen to find out more about the format and their rehearsals so far.

Tell us more about the show

Friends Like These is our latest format, a revision of a format I co-devised with Stephen Hartill and Robbie Kornitchsky back in 2013. Heavily influenced by Jules Munns and Heather Urquart's show 'Ten Thousand Million Love Stories' we take inspiration from the audience's true stories of platonic love and friendship to create a series of loose and delightful organic scenes.

What makes you want to revise the format?

I'm really excited to be revisiting this format with two new players, I love friendship more than anything and believe it should be celebrated more – why is there so much emphasis on romantic love out there when friends are the people who are there through thick and thin?? Luckily enough, we get to support 'Between Us' who are all about the romance so the whole evening is going to be a goo-fest!!

How have rehearsals been going?

In rehearsal, we've been playing around with organic scene starts (so allowing the stories to emerge rather than 'forcing' them) and (this may sound daft) but playing humans. One of my (I personally think delightful) improv habits is playing talking animals on stage (including french Bulldogs with German accents as Caitlin knows well…) and Nic Tann recently spent 26 hours performing as a kind and brave parrot called Sailor in the Improvathon so we've really had to work on shaking the feathers off (trololololol) and get our 'human' on.

I loooove playing with Nic and Caitlin and I'm really looking forward to seeing what stories come up on Friday. Join us for laughs, tears and a total platonic love fest.

Why not buy a ticket for your friend as a thank you for being an epic friend?!

Catch 'Friends Like These' on Friday 13th April 8pm at the Bristol Improv Theatre.

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