This Is Your Musical | Rehearsal Diary | 28/3

As the company of This Is Your Musical prepare to perform their third show so far, we caught up with woodwind and percussion player, Alison, on how rehearsals have been going.

These last few weeks have been so much fun and we have been working a lot on staging. After an incredible workshop with The Showstoppers, they gave us a great insight into the spaces on the stage which can create status for characters. The stage can be divided into a grid formation and the performers can use this to indicate the status of their character, to help inform the dialogue of the scene, but also whether they are leading the song and choreography at that point. Putting yourself in the centre front space, you can take control over the choreography and chorus easily. Also for us in the band it is a great indicator for who we are watching in terms of finding an end to a song.

Also another great thing we have been playing with is the end of the songs. We've been thinking musically about how we can clearly indicate the end with a "Button", a big chord that comes like a big full stop, so the ends of the songs are super sharp, the singers know when to stop singing and the audience know when to applaud!

Each rehearsal is so fascinating, trying out different ideas and exercises. I was away for the second show so I am super excited to do another show this Friday night and hopefully all the rehearsing will show to the audience!

I absolutely love playing in the band with Ian on keys and Jonnie on the drums, I love not knowing what we are about to play until we start playing.

This Is Your Musical is on Friday 30th March, 8pm. Doors open 7.15pm. We suggest booking before as previous shows have sold out. Tickets are £5 and can be bought HERE.