The Bristol Improv Marathon | Cast Bio | Steve Hartill

Ahead of the 'Bristol Improv Marathon: Pirates of the Severn Seas' which starts Friday 16th March, we asked Degrees of Error member Steve Hartill about his favourite moments in past marathons and any tips he has for this year's 26 hours!

How did you first get involved with the Marathon?
I missed out on the first Marathon because I was in New Zealand, so I was super excited to be able to do the 2016 one. I'll never forget the Funtastic Planet Of Fun (FPOF).

Which Chapter and Episodes are you doing?
I'm doing all of them again! I did almost all of them in 2016 minus the musical episode, then all of them in 2017 and can't really imagine not doing the whole 26 hours. Very grateful to get the chance to!

It sounds like a crazy undertaking, what makes you want to keep doing it?
Most of all it's getting the chance to improvise with people from all over Bristol and see what we can make together. I've had some of my favourite moments on stage in the Marathon (John Torrode on the phone, "Bell-boiz for life") and that's all down to the people I get to do it with.

Any tips and tricks for other improvisers?
Be prepared to change! The character you come in with will not be the same when you leave, so embrace whatever weird journey you go on.

A top highlight from past marathons?
I'm torn between the John Torrode salmon en croute scene or the ghosts of past war criminals scene in 2016… Or when I was stuck in the lift in 2017. No wait I think my top highlight has to be reuniting with my Bell Boy Brother at the end of 2017!

An insight into your character this year?
My character this year is the ship's "Doctor" whose lack of qualifications is made up for by a strong stomach and general enthusiasm.

What are you most excited about this year?
Seeing what happens! I'm very excited by the characters I've heard about and can't wait to get on stage with them.

Sum up the marathon in three words:
Favourite 26 hours.

The 'Bristol Improv Marathon: Pirates of the Severn Seas' starts Friday 16th March 8pm until Saturday 17th March 10pm, at the Bristol Improv Theatre.

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(Photo of The Bristol Improv Marathon 2016)