The Bristol Improv Marathon | Cast Bio | Will Gawned

Ahead of the 'Bristol Improv Marathon: Pirates of the Severn Seas' next week, we spoke to newcomer to the Bristol Improv Marathon, Will Gawned to find out what he is most excited about.

How did you first get involved with the Marathon?

I moved to Bristol late in 2016, and as I got more involved in improv I was excited to hear about the improv marathon, since it sounded like such a crazy and ambitious performance event. I auditioned for the 2017 marathon, and although I wasn't offered a part, I volunteered to be on the door and ushered for 8 hours over Friday night and Saturday morning. It was nice to be able to support the show, even if I wasn't on stage.

Which Chapter and Episodes are you doing?

This year I am in the whole thing! 26 hours! I'm especially looking forward to the musical episodes!

It sounds like a crazy undertaking, what makes you want to do it?

I've never been afraid of missing sleep to stay engaged in an activity I love. I've done similar endurance sessions with gaming hobbies, such as Magic The Gathering, roleplaying games, and sometimes just insomnia.

Improv is so joyful and supportive that I want to do as much as possible, and this is really pushing the limits. This sort of event is so immersive and intense, kind of like binge-watching a great TV series. There is so much story to discover, but with the added bonus that I get to participate and help shape something amazing! It's like shared dreaming.

Give us an insight into your character?

I am playing an optimistic and naïve young sailor, who just wants to express himself though poetry and song! When life gives you lemons, you don't get scurvy! While he's always up for a bit of fun and (play) fighting, he really hopes to find someone out there with whom he can fall hopelessly in love.

What are you most excited about?

Singing improvised songs, discovering an impossible story, and sharing a whole day with a group of like-minded crazy people.

Sum up the marathon in three words:

Extreme endurance storytelling!

The 'Bristol Improv Marathon: Pirates of the Severn Seas' starts Friday 16th March 8pm until Saturday 17th March 10pm, at the Bristol Improv Theatre.

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(Photo Credit Chelsey Cliff, The Bristol Improv Marathon 2017)