The writing’s on the wall

September marked six months of the new Bristol Improv Theatre. Young yes, but we're growing fast! We take a look at last month's highlights and what's to come in the next few weeks…

BIT's First Community Summit!

September began with the BIT's first ever Community Summit, which was an open space' event combining discussion groups, workshops, brainstorms and lots and lots (and lots) of post-it-notes.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in and came along attempted to provide answers to the summit question: "How Do We Make The BIT Better?"

What did we discover? New ideas to use our spaces, programmes and plans and an exciting peek at how the improv community in Bristol sees itself working, creating and evolving!

Stay tuned for the next one!

The Unscripted Players Join the BIT!

When John Lomas (Closer Each Day) gathered a group of improvisers together in a pub in the heady, early days of Bristol's improv scene they had a vision of an amateur company, modelled on the Bristol's great amateur theatre companies, designed to give improv keen-beans an opportunity make improv theatre. What they came up with was the Unscripted Players (

Fast forward to September and this year's AGM where the UP's membership voted to become part of the BIT!

Having grown up in parallel, the BIT and UP have always been closely associated. Now we're delighted to announce that they are one and the same! As the BIT's community company, UP will continue to deliver its mission from its new official home. So if you want to join the BIT, you can now join UP!

New Things!

Some of you may have heard about our search for a Communications Manager. Interested in working at the BIT? Get in touch! (application deadline 20th of October!).

We also want to welcome Mike Cook as our new bar manager. Mike will be working on our new cocktail menu.

See you soon!